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Access Information

Markfield Beam Engine and Museum is situated in it’s original Victorian engine house in Markfield Park. The public access parts of the museum and engine house are fully accessible but there are some access issues everyone should be aware of. Access on guided tours is more limited, please see full details below.


Access issues in the Museum and Engine House

  • Uneven floors - any particularly trip hazards are highlighted

  • High shop counter and donation points (volunteers can assist)

  • Low light levels in the museum area 

  • Small font size on the interpretation panels (large print guide available)


Access issues on steaming days

  • Main engine hall can be crowded for steamings (typically it is quieter for the 2.30pm steaming and the last 20 mins of steaming)

  • Extra noise levels (although the engine runs surprisingly quietly and there should be no really loud noises)

  • Heat and steam (on warm days it will feel hotter in the engine hall)


Access issues on Guided Tours

Internal Guided Tours

Trained volunteers lead guided tours to non publicly accessible parts of the building. These tours involve many access issues:

  • Steep steps up to and down from the beam level of the engine (going down is more difficult than going up)

  • Low rails at beam level 

  • Low head clearance in parts

  • Narrow spaces 

  • Steep steps down to and up from basement area

  • Low light levels in basement area

  • Slippery surfaces in basement area

  • Tools may be in the way

  • Greasy surfaces 


External Guided Tours

Trained volunteers lead guided tours to see the remains of the sewage treatment works in Markfield Park. Access issues on these tours include:

  • The tour covers about 500m and takes between 30 mins-1hr

  • There are very few points at which you can sit down during the tour 

  • Uneven surfaces in parts of the park

  • Overgrown surfaces in parts of the park

  • Occasional steps


Getting to the Museum

The museum is located in a public park with limited direct public transport provision.


  • The nearest train station is South Tottenham, approximately a 1km walk away 

  • The nearest bus stop is 600m away and is served by the 318

  • The is vehicle access to the park via Markfield Road only - with taxi drop off directly outside the museum possible

  • There is limited parking in the park, approximately 50m from the entrance to the museum and accessible via Markfield Road only

  • Vehicle access to the park is under a low bridge with 2.3m clearance

  • More information on getting to the museum on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car is available here


Resources for visitors with Access Requirements

Our volunteers are always on hand, please just ask if there's anything we can do to help during your visit. 

  • Handling collection - you can handle artefacts from the engine (note these trend to be authentically greasy, gloves are available)

  • Videos - we have videos that provide a close up view of difficult to reach parts of the engine

  • Maps of the site - we can talk you through the remains in the park if you are unable to join us on a tour

  • Large print version of the information panels in the museum


If you have any questions or need more information please get in touch to

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